How To Get A Virtual Signature

The old days of signing paper documents and getting them notarized are slowly fading away. Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, have the same level of convenience as traditional signatures but with many advantages over the paper version.


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Create components like signature, date, initials on document via drag and drop builder


Enable multi-party signing and share documents to multiple users


Choose from 15+ scenario based pre-designed templates


Upload documents from your local system or cloud providers like Dropbox, Google Drive and 500Box


Track individual signee status for each document


Set a hierarchical order for signing documents


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The old days of signing paper documents and getting them notarized are slowly fading away. Electronic signatures, or eSignatures, have the same level of convenience as traditional signatures but with many advantages over the paper version. An electronic signature is one that's embedded within an online document. It works like a stamp, but it's more flexible. You can sign a PDF or other document quickly and securely with an eSignature or virtual signature. Signing documents electronically has become more common than ever before. They are secure, convenient, and cost-effective.

What Is An Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature is a unique set of information identifying you in a digital document. It's like a digital fingerprint for your document. An electronic signature is just as effective as a traditional handwritten signature.

Sign a document from anywhere using any device that has access to the Internet. A signature can be verified without having to print it. This makes eSignatures more convenient than traditional paper signatures.

An eSignature online is created by an individual using an encryption key that only he or she knows. This way, the signer cannot forge a signature without the knowledge of the private key. The person who receives the eSignature can verify it by matching the public key with the one in the document.

What Is An Electronic Signature

Why Get a Virtual Signature From Your Clients And Employees

Usually, clients don't have time to go to the bank and sign their documents. Therefore, they need a quick and secure way to sign documents electronically. The process of sending a hard copy of a document to the bank and waiting for it to be notarized can take up to 2 weeks. If the document is a contract, this could mean losing money and wasting time. The same is true for business associates. When they send documents to you for signature, they may wait for days or weeks before you return them. By then, the information is outdated, and you can't change it. You may also need to re-send the document. It's inefficient and time-consuming. But with virtual signatures, all of this could be avoided. Similarly, the remote work environment is getting more popular after Covid-19, and many companies are hiring people from different countries, but how to ensure confidentiality and authenticity of these documents? That's where a document signing app comes into play.

Following are some of the benefits of using virtual signature as your digital footprint:

Trusted and Legal

An electronic signature is a legal document that anyone can trust and use. Unlike a traditional paper signature, an electronic signature can be verified without scanning or printing it. This makes it easy to prove ownership of the document. In a dispute, an eSignature can be verified by comparing the public key with the one in the document.

No errors or mistakes

It is less prone to errors because of less chance of misspelling or using wrong words.

Save time

Instead of sending a paper copy of your contracts, invoices, or other documents to your clients, create an eSignature; send it to your clients or employees using the web-based service.

Secure and Convenient

Fast and secure than traditional methods. Your clients sign documents online without worrying about someone else tampering with the document. In addition, it is more secure as it can be easily identified from other signatures.

Increased Efficiency

Your documents are signed in a much shorter time than before. The entire process can be done in just a few minutes.

Keep track of your work

Manage and view all of your signed documents in advanced reports - get notifications, send reminders, modify and cancel requests.

Keep track of your work

Top-Notch Virtual Signature App - is a cloud-based electronic signature app for signing documents on the go, anywhere, anytime. Upload a document, select your signature and send it directly to your recipient. With, you can be assured that your signature is safe, secure, and backed by the industry's most trusted brand name. Here's how to do it:

1) Head over to and sign-up

2) Fill out the profile with basic information

3) Upload your document or use 15+ built-in templates

4) Add a recipient with a name and email

5) Add signature fields

6) Send the link and wait for your recipient to receive your document

7) Get notified when your documents are signed

Easy isn't it? If you want to save time, get better efficiency, increase productivity, you can't afford to miss this opportunity. Virtual Signatures are extremely important for business owners and professionals who need more control over their documents, time, and money.

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