Advanced Reports

to automate staus and reports

Every reports section is split into many updates, each of which concentrates on a specific interpretation of the information

Advanced Reports

Get Real-time Task Advanced Reports

Track the sign-off status of your documents, send auto-reminders, edit your workflow and signers in real-time

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track status

Track Status

Track status is Funnel View which visualizes a linear process that has sequential connected stages. Each funnel stage represents a percentage of the total. So, in most cases, a funnel chart is shaped like a funnel.

track actions

Track Actions

Track actions and report on the status of finished work, while using the action tracking tool. Actions are agreements made between organizations or between different parties within an organization

What are Advanced Reports?

Advanced reports are insights into your document workflows. It helps you analyze the key metrics of your workflows including order forms received, contracts signed, and invoices paid. With advanced reports, you can visualize complex data using widgets and concise graphs, as well as track any changes.

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