Pre-designed Templates

for easier and quicker contracting

Select a template and personalize it with your own customisations, such as terms and conditions, and save it as a DocX or PDF file.

Pre-designed Templates

Choose from a Collection of 15+ Free Document Templates

Find a template for every type of agreement they need, which allows participants to keep everything in one place

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drag and drop

Drag and Drop

Find a template for every type of agreement they need, which allows users to keep everything in one place.

upload to cloud

Upload to Cloud

Upload templates to cloud storage such as google drive, dropbox, box, and CRM integrations and use them for the signing process whenever needed.

recycled templates

Recycled Templates

Safely store data by uploading it to the cloud storage of your choice and accessing it whenever you want.

What are Pre-designed Templates?

The pre-designed template is a document that is designed to allow the user to type in their own specific information, such as Non-Disclosure Agreement, Sales Agreement, Service Contract, and Sales Quotation. The pre-designed template can be very helpful for businesses that are trying to create an agreement with another business.

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