What Benefits can Electronic signatures Bring to Your Business?

Let's find in detail the amazing advantages of electronic signature and how it can help buisnesses.


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Every organization has a lot of paperwork involved in its everyday functioning. There are several agreements, contracts, forms, and documents to be signed. Electronic signatures are the most advanced way of signing documents as it leaves you free of the hassle. You do not have to print or fax documents, there is no need to track who signed what document either. Everything happens a lot faster and is also very cost-effective in the longer run.

Businesses and organizations that choose eSignatures tend to see more positive outcomes, starting from decreased documentation, decrease paper costs, more productivity and more efficiency. With just one smart investment on signature software, return-on-investment on your business is higher in most of the cases.

If you considering getting an electronic signature software for your business, the below-mentioned benefits should be enough for you to make the smart decision of choosing one right away! So, let us now understand what electronic signatures are how it benefits your business in every way.

Benefits of electronic signature

What Is Electronic Signature:

Electronic Signatures are electronic symbols attached to any document with intent to sign it. They are very convenient to use as all your need is a click of the mouse for electronic document signing. There are a variety of applications available online; using which you can create an eSignature for your company/organization/business.

A few ways through which you can create your electronic signature are by using your keyboard to type in your signature, uploading an image of your signature, using a cursor to draw your eSignature, or you can also use a stylus or your finger to trace your signature on your touch screen device.

Why Electronic Signature?

You will be missing out on a lot if you still have not made the switch to eSignatures. The process will help your business to simplify the task of signatures, documentation, and various contractual agreements all in a very quick and efficient way. The Electronic Sign Act passed by the government, guarantees that all the eSigned documents are as legally binding as any traditional, wet-ink documents.

Sign.cc, an electronic signature maker will help your business to collect, manage and document signatures of all your important documents, agreements and paperwork in just seconds! To understand the importance of eSignature, let us read in detail why electronic signatures are being opted by every new-age organization.

The Benefits of Electronic Signature:


Documents that are exchanged in organizations and companies are legally binding and so everything has to be accurately put forth. The documents have to be compiled, signed, and collected within the given deadline. The accuracy of the documents is of utmost importance. If going by the older ways, a singer has missed out signing on a page or two, you must send it back to them asking to rectify their mistakes.

With electronic signatures at your fingertips, it can be a much easier and simpler task. You can enable mandatory fields and it will be ten times more convenient for the signer to identify the places that require his signature.


The process of signing a document using the handwritten paper-ink system can be quite tedious. You have to go through a long process where you must print the document, fax it, courier it, scan it, etc. If you have to get a specific document signed by a couple of people, imagine the time it would take for you to send and receive the document.

Opting to eSign your documents will save you all the hassle. It will let you sign a document in minutes, or rather in seconds! You can easily opt for electronic signatures and save a lot of time for your company and invest it in a lot of other more important things. Increasing your contract speed will give you the edge you require and will help you maintain even better relations with your publics.

Easy to use

Learning how to use and create eSignatures is a piece of cake. There is a lot of software available online which may help you create your personalized electronic signature. Once you’ve understood how to use it, you can attach your eSignatures to any document you desire. Be it any device, it is as convenient as it can get.

It will prove to be of extreme convenience to you and your clients when you can eSign in a jiffy. It will also reflect on the importance you give to someone’s time. The entire process takes place in a device, so it doesn’t matter what location both the parties might be working from. Your work shall be done, without any interruptions.


When handling a business, one always stays on the lookout to cut their existing costs to maximize benefits. Opting for eSignatures will help you cut down the unnecessary costing of papers, pens, Xeroxing, printing, and other miscellaneous costs that go into the paper-ink way method of signing a document.

eSignatures will reduce the amount of paperwork you have on your desk and the materials you may require to send and receive a document with the intent of signatures.

Safe and Secure

It also is an excellent solution to the human errors that occur while signing of a document. The inaccuracies and inconsistencies can prove to be negatively affecting the finances of the business in the long run.

Safe and Secure

When handling official documents, it can be extremely stressful to ensure that it reaches the right hands through the right means. Even after ensuring full safety, there are always chances of your documents being stolen, misplaced, or being tampered with.

When you switch to the method of signing your documents, you quicken the process and lessen the exchange of hands. It also helps you keep track of all the necessary signing transactions.

Better legal support

According to eSignature laws, any document which has been bonded using an e-sign holds the same effect as a document that has a wet-ink signature.

eSignatures enjoy a little more of added security benefits. They have bank-level encryptions that maintain confidentiality and biometric signatures which instantly reveal the identity of the signer. The documents cannot be shuffled or tampered with if at all, the sender will be informed about it immediately.


A lot of rules and regulations have been put forth to reduce the amount of ill impact human activities have on the environment. Every organization has its’ own policies that insist on being eco-friendly. Papers are made from trees and water and deforestation is a major concern which has to be looked after as soon as possible.

Switching to eSignatures is just another step towards your goal. Going paperless would not only help promote a healthy environment but also be very cost-friendly and convenient for your firm. You will also save yourself from the trouble of going through a huge bundle of paperwork.


Electronic signatures are an innovation of technology that has a lot of benefits to it. It not only saves a lot of time but also helps in your financial growth. Opting for eSignatures will give you a faster, easier, better way of signing documents that weren’t possible in the earlier days.

They will not have an impact on the way your business operates. Many electronic signature softwares integrate with business tools you already might be using, including PDF, Google Docs, Salesforce, Dropbox, Microsoft Word, etc. You don’t have a reason for not investing in one. Every business, administration, or company is guaranteed to find its benefits based on the needs and requirements of your business.

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