An electronic signature is just a signature in electronic form. It allows signatories to accept or agree to the conditions of a document in the same way as traditional signatures do. An electronic signature employs computers to authenticate the signatory and guarantee the document's integrity.

Properties Of Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures have three properties. They are authentication, integrity, and non-repudiation.


Authentication confirms that the person who transmits a communication is who they claim to be and not an impostor.


The integrity of data relates to whether the document arrived in the same condition in which it was sent. When a digital document is edited or interfered with, it loses integrity.


In the case of eSignature online, the data is indisputable. Therefore, its author cannot deny that they were the genuine originator of the document.

Features of Electronic Signature

Electronic Signatures Create a Legally Binding Document

The ESIGN Act, passed in the United States of America in 2001, paved the path for more than 60 nations to approve legislation create electronic signature entirely lawful and allowed by law. Even though there are few variances in the small details, you may use electronic sign software to affix signatures to your papers for any nation.


Since electronic signatures employ the PKI standard, the vendor-generated keys are created and securely maintained. As a result, these signatures meet international standards and are embraced by governments worldwide.

Electronic Signatures Create Timestamps

You may utilize the timestamping option if you use electronic signature software. It is a technique for monitoring the production and alteration of a document's time. Not even the document's owner can modify the timestamp of a document once it has been recorded. As a result, the integrity of a timestamp cannot be jeopardized.

Electronic Signatures Offer Security

Electronic signatures create a sense of security regarding your documents. Paper document systems are vulnerable to manipulation, but electronic signatures are impenetrable. Even minor changes to any document may be detected automatically by the software.

Electronic Signatures Can Be Traced

Finally, one of the most important features of an electronic document signing is that it can be traced. The program generates an audit trail, which helps trace the document and simplifies internal record-keeping in your company.

Electronic Signatures Have Asymmetrical Cryptography

Anyone can use a public key to encrypt a message that a recipient's private key can decode. On the other hand, a private key is only shared with the key's initiator. This process is known as asymmetrical cryptography. Asymmetrical cryptography makes your company's data more secure as it prevents unauthorized access or use.

Electronic Signatures Automate The Signing Process

Using an eSignature online, you may save a lot of time in the physical document signing procedure. All you have to do is attach your signature and electronically transfer it to your recipient. You save time by not having to move around to submit the paper. Furthermore, the document is provided instantly, allowing for a speedier exchange of time-sensitive documents.

Electronic Signatures Are Eco Friendly

An electronic signature leads to less paper consumption which reduces the physical waste caused by paper use. This means that fewer trees must be felled, leading to a great impact on sustainability.

Paper document systems are vulnerable to manipulation, but electronic signatures are impenetrable.

Electronic Signatures Facilitate Cleaner Working Environments

Paper documents necessitate constant management of trash and valuable records. On the other hand, using a digital signature decreases the cleaning obligations required to maintain a paper system. A cleaner working atmosphere makes it easier for employees to think and save time as they won't have to search for an important document in a stack of documents.

Electronic Signatures Use Checksums

A checksum is a number that is used to validate the integrity of a file or data transmission. In other words, it is a total that verifies the accuracy of data. Checksums are used to automatically compare the data of two electronic signatures to ensure if they are the same. If the checksums do not match the original files, the electronic signature software alters or corrupts the data to safeguard it. As a result, your information is safe from illegal access.

Step-by-step Guide To Create Electronic Signatures

There are several online signature creator sites on the internet that can help you generate an electronic signature quickly and easily. In general, these websites offer three methods for creating an electronic signature:

Enter your name here This converts the name you entered into a signature.

Draw You may use a mouse or a touchpad to draw your signature.

Image You can scan a signed piece of paper. Alternatively, you can also save it as a picture.


The section below will discuss and how to it to create your digital signature.

Using this application, you can create electronic signatures with any device. It is a versatile software that gives you the freedom to customize the style, colors, and other components of your signature. In addition, it gives you an option to upload an image of your signature from your device browser.

How to Use it?

Step 1: Open the document that needs to be signed.

Step 2: You can either type, draw or upload an image of your signature.

Step 3: Position the signature in the right place, and your document is ready.


Electronic signatures are available at varied price ranges from free to $80 per month. For example: free for the first ten users and $14.99 per month for the rest.

Summing It Up

Although electronic signature are straightforward and useful, it is always prudent to ensure that they comply with a legal procedure, or they can be ruled void. by 500apps is one of the best software you can use for the purpose. It allows you to save time, money, and a lot of work by producing an eSignature in seconds, thus ensuring client satisfaction and ease of business.

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