Offline Conventional contracts can be detrimental to a contract proposal or business offer because it takes a longer time for prospective customers to receive, read, decide, and send their response or acknowledge. There is also the possibility of your mail staying in your client's inbox for a long time before it is opened and approved.

Electronic contracts provide solutions to these problems by allowing your prospective clients to view and append an eSignature for your contracts immediately on any device. They simply have to click a button to confirm their agreement. Electronic transactions promote efficiency and increase your sales rates and productivity as they are highly time-saving.

Business negotiations are expedited as each step in operation is verified and can be effortlessly accessed by all teams involved, so crucial matters can be identified and traced until execution. Even if the teams are separated by distance, signing is done electronically, so there is no holdup in execution.

Electronic signatures are applied to eContracts to close them, making eSignature software just as important.

What Is Electronic Signature Software?

An electronic signature software is an app, web page, or tool that can append signatures, and offers a lawfully binding method to obtain authorization on electronic contracts and proposals. It is encrypted and easily verified, replacing a handwritten signature in nearly any operation. An efficient eSignature Software streamlines signature operations while delivering enhanced consumer experience and document management. There are many important features signature software should possess, and these include the creation of contract documents for upload and helping to attach signatures quickly for customers to sign. It should also possess workflows that are automated, helping to push the document along the authorization process. Essentially, it should also feature CRM integration for a better consumer experience.

Another benefit of using eSignature maker is that there is reduced security risk than with traditional paper, which can be compromised. Document signing app can automatically recognize slight modifications in signatures and flag it appropriately.


Recipients receive an email with a special link to open the proposal. By clicking the “I Agree” button, the Clients accept the terms and sign it. Dashboards are provided which can be used to check the status of documents including the entire audit trail of the signing operations. Reminders can also be sent to recipients.

7 Best Tools to Create Electronic Signature Online In 2022


With its bulk, tag, and status options,, a 500apps electronic signature services provider, lets you to keep your papers in order and manage them as needed. By seeing how many papers were finished, pending, or denied, advanced reporting may help you increase your income. With the bulk, tag, and status options, you can keep track of your papers and manage them as needed.

Individuals, small companies, and multinational corporations can all benefit from's services. It can fit your demands whether you need to gather signatures on a regular basis or only need to sign the odd one-off contract. You may even save time by keeping track of your recurring clients' contact information. Organize your papers, add new contacts automatically, and remove old ones.

Price: Starts from $14.99/month per user and you can get unlimited access to the all-in-one, integrated suite of apps and all their features from $50.00/month per user. There is a 30-day free trial.


DocuSign is one of the most prominent eSignature solutions globally. More than half a million users and brands worldwide rely on this platform.

As one of the first pioneers of the eSignature industry, the software possesses more than 350 integrations, templates that can be reused, and instant status invisibility. DocuSign Personal plan costs $10, Standard plan costs $25, while Business Pro costs $40, all charged monthly.

3. HelloSign

HelloSign is an eSignature subsidiary of Dropbox. It gives you the ability to amass signatures from 20 people on a single contract, at the same or in a set order. It also possesses top-notch security with featured tools for team management, two-factor authentication, trails for audits, and notifications for statuses. It contains Integrations from Google like Docs, Drive, and Gmail and supports a variety of file formats.

It has an affordable price range with $15 per month for essentials while standard users pay $25.

4. is an e-signature tool that prides itself in user-friendliness. They possess ISO 27001 certified security, the highest level of global security assurance for information, and provide customers assurance that conforms to strict international security standards. They also feature top-level user management and privacy reassurance while speaking over 22 languages. Two Factor authentication, audit trails, SMS only contracts, Zapier integration, API integration, bulk sending, placeholders, signer fields, an embedded sign page, and fair pricing are also part of their benefits.

It comes at a contract fee of $0.49 for both Standard and Enterprise plans, with Enterprise coming with a further $3,999 monthly fee.

5. SignWell

Over 9,500+ businesses rely on this app for eSignatures. It is simple but comes with the features needed to sign contracts and collect signatures.

The features include reporting audits, tracking of documents, suggestions of form fields, workflows for documents and instant signing.

The free plan gifts three documents per month, while the single user starts at $8 per month for unlimited signatures.

6. Panda Doc

Over 35000 companies rely on this software for eSignature solutions.

They possess CRM integrations, customized templates, enterprise-grade security, workflow approval, alerts and pricing tables.

It starts at $19 per user every month.

7. SignNow

The Software promises advanced functionality at the best price.

API integration, Enterprise-grade security, dynamic workflows with intuitive toolkits, cloud storage, cross-platform compatibility, and customized templates, are some of the standout features of this e-signature tool.

The business plan costs $8 per month, while the business premium is $15 per month, billed annually.


Electronic signatures are fast becoming a norm as more businesses take their operations online. With software becoming readily available, it is prudent you choose one that gives more features at appropriate pricing.

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