Running a small or large business is a lot of work. After setting up and establishing the main work operations of your company, it's easy to fall into a continuous loop of repetitive activities. However, it would help if you regularly considered new ways to make your work processes more efficient and improve the coordination of your business. If you pay attention closely, you will notice that there are always many things you can change to improve the coordination of your business.

businesses process coordination

There are many reasons why you should be concerned about improving your business' coordination. An adequately coordinated business will produce better and more consistent results. When you improve the coordination of your business, you will get higher profits, a reduction in wastage and losses, the ability to expand to a larger target audience, increasing online visibility, and so on. In this article, you'll learn ten effective tips to help you create a better-coordinated business unit.

Let's begin!

Organize Your Day

A proven way to add more coordination to your work operations is by adequately organizing your tasks. Take out a notebook and scribble down your ideas and plans for the day. Well, you may decide to do this early in the mornings or at the end of your day. However, organizing your tasks at the start of your day gives you an edge and avoids muddling up your jobs.

When you have written down your ideas, think of improving on them. Looking closely at what you have planned out, you will notice lapses in your marketing strategy, new projects, and product lines. You may not come up with any fancy ideas on your first try. Be patient. Over time, you will notice cracks in your current work process.

Go Over Your Business Plans

Yes, your business plan is responsible for most of the ideas and strategies you have put into running your business. Review your business plan and note how your company has been modeled according to the program. Do you notice any obvious deviations? Are there things you would rather do differently? Take note of these important points.

The truth is that many things have most likely changed since the start of your business till this moment. Edit your business plans to compensate for these changes.

Access Your Relationship With Customers

Without any doubt, your customers are at the heart of your business' success. However, it's easy to get carried away and lose track of your relationship with customers. To improve the results of your organization, you need to ensure that you maintain the right relationship with customers. Take time to review your database and check on your old customers. If you have any unattended requests or queries, treat them quickly.

Reevaluate Your Prices

If you've been operating at the same price level for some time, a price change may be long overdue. As a result, make sure that you reevaluate the current price you offer your goods or services. It's crucial that your price reflects the present-day economic conditions and is enough to generate revenue to fund your business's expansion.

Do Your Best To Reduce Cost

The goal of any business should be maximizing its profits and constantly cutting down on losses. Even if you have managed to secure huge capital from your investors or always take in good profits, you must keep looking for ways to reduce costs. Take care of internally generated waste and purchase innovative equipment that saves time and workforce.

Remedy Any Identified Weaknesses

Let's say you have noted how your business currently operates and spotted some weaknesses. You need to also take care of them quickly and efficiently. Don't hesitate to make the necessary changes, whether small-scale or large-scale effects. It's also a great idea to speak to professionals to audit your business and make recommendations. Make sure you fully follow all of these recommendations to the latter.

Set Key Performance Indicators

Every business needs to set key performance indicators that regularly evaluate their results. By setting clear standards and metrics, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your business strategies. You'll be able to easily tell when your tactics are failing and when they are doing better. These performance indicators will also let you know if the business is improving and the effects of your changes.

Interact Regularly With Your Employees

Many administrative officers get too disjointed from the employees and staff that work for them. However, you have to regularly keep your employees in the loop about what is going on in the organization. They need to understand the importance of their role and what they mean to the business. When all your employees are happy, productivity will be optimal.

Try Out New Types Of Marketing

An exciting way to improve your business operations is by trying out a new marketing style. If you have stuck to the traditional means of advertising for many years, you can try out email marketing or social media marketing. They will expose you to a larger audience and boost your business.

Try To Create A Balance Between Work And Your Personal Life

When you spend all your time working, it's easy to burn out and find it harder to improve your business operations. On the other hand, having fun more frequently can be a great source of inspiration and motivate you to improve your work process. As a result, you need to learn to create a balance between work and your personal life. That's the easiest way to improve personal productivity.


Now, those are all the tips to help you improve the work operations of your business. If you're feeling stuck or stagnant in your business, it may be time to make some crucial changes. Constantly aim at improving the company to ensure you don't fall back amongst competitors. It will also help you maintain your marketing edge.

  • Import a HTML file and watch it magically convert to Markdown
  • Drag and drop images (requires your Dropbox account be linked)
  • Import and save files from GitHub, Dropbox, Google Drive and One Drive
  • Drag and drop markdown and HTML files into Dillinger
  • Export documents as Markdown, HTML and PDF

Markdown is a lightweight markup language based on the formatting conventions that people naturally use in email. As [John Gruber] writes on the Markdown site

The overriding design goal for Markdown's formatting syntax is to make it as readable as possible. The idea is that a Markdown-formatted document should be publishable as-is, as plain text, without looking like it's been marked up with tags or formatting instructions.

This text you see here is *actually- written in Markdown! To get a feel for Markdown's syntax, type some text into the left window and watch the results in the right.


Dillinger uses a number of open source projects to work properly:

  • [AngularJS] - HTML enhanced for web apps!
  • [Ace Editor] - awesome web-based text editor
  • [markdown-it] - Markdown parser done right. Fast and easy to extend.
  • [Twitter Bootstrap] - great UI boilerplate for modern web apps
  • [node.js] - evented I/O for the backend
  • [Express] - fast node.js network app framework [@tjholowaychuk]
  • [Gulp] - the streaming build system
  • Breakdance - HTML to Markdown converter
  • [jQuery] - duh

And of course Dillinger itself is open source with a public repository on GitHub.


Dillinger requires Node.js v10+ to run.

Install the dependencies and devDependencies and start the server.

sh cd dillinger npm i node app

For production environments...

sh npm install --production NODE_ENV=production node app


Dillinger is currently extended with the following plugins. Instructions on how to use them in your own application are linked below.

| Plugin | README | | ------ | ------ | | Dropbox | plugins/dropbox/ | | GitHub | plugins/github/ | | Google Drive | plugins/googledrive/ | | OneDrive | plugins/onedrive/ | | Medium | plugins/medium/ | | Google Analytics | plugins/googleanalytics/ |


Want to contribute? Great!

Dillinger uses Gulp + Webpack for fast developing. Make a change in your file and instantaneously see your updates!

Open your favorite Terminal and run these commands.

First Tab:

sh node app

Second Tab:

sh gulp watch

(optional) Third:

sh karma test

Building for source

For production release:

sh gulp build --prod

Generating pre-built zip archives for distribution:

sh gulp build dist --prod


Dillinger is very easy to install and deploy in a Docker container.

By default, the Docker will expose port 8080, so change this within the Dockerfile if necessary. When ready, simply use the Dockerfile to build the image.

sh cd dillinger docker build -t <youruser>/dillinger:${package.json.version} .

This will create the dillinger image and pull in the necessary dependencies. Be sure to swap out ${package.json.version} with the actual version of Dillinger.

Once done, run the Docker image and map the port to whatever you wish on your host. In this example, we simply map port 8000 of the host to port 8080 of the Docker (or whatever port was exposed in the Dockerfile):

sh docker run -d -p 8000:8080 --restart=always --cap-add=SYS_ADMIN --name=dillinger <youruser>/dillinger:${package.json.version}

Note: --capt-add=SYS-ADMIN is required for PDF rendering.

Verify the deployment by navigating to your server address in your preferred browser.




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